Reviews of Computer Repair

Pelin A.

”My computer was showing a blue screen saying Automatic Repair every time i tried to turn on my computer. I tried everything but could not fix it myself so needed a technician who could repair my computer the same day. I am so glad i found Digital io. They fixed all the issues in my computer. It works better than before. I highly recommend them. They do a good job.”

Gail P.

”Boston Digital io fixed my cracked iPhone screen in under 30 minutes. The repair came with a free glass protector to help prevent me from breaking my screen, AGAIN! Polite, professional, and well priced. Will be back!”

Jon D.

”It was amazing. Mr Mitchener told me when it was going to be done and how much it was going to be. And guess what? It was done when he said it would be done. And the service cost how much he said it was going to cost. No hidden fees. No, "the part shipped late" excuses. Thanks Mr. Mitchener”

Andrew M.

”My laptop needed a new charging port and bottom case which weren't covered. Josh was absolutely fantastic - very responsive and happy to answer my questions both in person and over the phone. Once the parts arrived, the turnaround time was super quick and my computer is working perfectly again. I will certainly come back when I need something else fixed and can't recommend him enough to anyone who needs computer or smartphone repairs!”

Tracy C.

"The service I received from Josh for fixing my Dell laptop. Was fast, efficient, straightforward. Price effencient.”